Turismo rural en Mallorca


The family owns s’Estalella since the eighteenth century, ensuring from the very beginning the environment in which the property is located. This implication was clearly established when the family decided to ratify the covenant that the previous owners had with the local fishermen. Sa Punta de S’Estalella fishing village remained inhabited until the early twentieth century; it was the construction of the neighbouring village of S’Estanyol de Migjorn that caused its abandonment. After a few years, the family decided to maintain and preserve the buildings of the village and asked for the concessions for the construction in sea areas: the dry docks.

The commitment to environmental protection and preservation of the premises has always been a priority for the owning family. The implication became clear when the family decided to ratify the covenant that the previous owners had with the local fishermen but it is from the 1980s to this day that the hardest times have come. During the struggle to prevent the construction of a coal power plant, the owner family requested the protection of the site. Since then, S’Estalella enjoys the best environmental protection a private property can have.
Since the appearance of the earliest renewable energies, the family opted for this technology.

Aware of the rapid pace of our daily lives, the existing models of exploitation of mass tourism and other economic sectors, the lack of ecological awareness and lack of time to develop this consciousness and aware as well of how our actions influence climate change, S’Estalella advocated to be a little oasis on the Majorcan coast; homely, sustainable, rooted in the culture of the land, where one can feel in communion with nature.

Here you showers with sun-heated water, the energy consumed is 100% produced on the property from the sun and you can make their own bio shopping list of organic and zero kilometre food.