El paraíso – winner photo contest

Dear customers,

Thank you very much for your excellent photographs and participation in our contest. It has been a pleasure to see s’Estalella through your eyes and lenses.
In order to decide the winning photograph we have based on technical criteria, the beauty of and above all, what each of the photographs suggests to us of what it is for us and what we want to convey to our clients of s’Estalella and the houses of fishermen Then we have taken into account values such as the experience of the lodging, the state of mind that transmits us and the connection with oneself that is achieved by enjoying this corner of Mallorca so special for us.
We want to congratulate Pepo and Gema for their photography “El Paraiso”, for us it contains all the criteria that we have considered in our photo contest.
Hopefully all of you can feel again what it is to live s’Estalella.

The team of S’Estalella